To The Ground (Digital Download)

by These Old Wounds

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released November 27, 2012

released 27 November 2012
Thor Dickey- Vocals, Guitars, Electric & Upright Bass
John Gilbertson- Piano & Organ
Lia Rose- Vocals (
Marshall Vore- Drums & Percussion (
Tim Marcus- Pedal Steel (EX: Or, The Whale)



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These Old Wounds Los Angeles, California

These Old Wounds is the moniker adopted by songwriter Thor Dickey. The debut album will be titled 'To The Ground'. Sharing the same name as the closing track to the concept record. A
somber Old Western tragedy with a hopeless end.

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Track Name: Home
Maybe I should've stayed there with her
Dug her grave 'neath the old pine
Dressed her in brand new linens
Because we couldn't of used her gown
Then I could've sang to her one last time
As they slowly lowered her down

Honey I had to go

We saw the devil in his smile
Seemed to slither across the ground
He takes a life like it's nothing'
And leaves us cowering at the sound
Of gunfire
Track Name: Summer
Met her in the summer, 1869
Just one look at her, knew she'd be mine
Soon those bells were ringing, she's walking down the aisle
Family came from all around, our wedding's the talk of the town

That day I died alongside her
Just a shell of a man remains

Shots rang out across the pews, and the screams did follow suite
Ran to catch her, her dress already a red hue
Chased him in a blind rage to the street
Upon his horse he fled, laughing back at me

That day I died alongside her
Just a shell of a man remains
Now she's gone forever
And the pain just might kill me
Track Name: The Tide
Darlin' you've become so hollow, intangible
And your transparencies pour over me
But it all seeps through
The moon it once cast its light upon two lovers entwined
But now all I have are these memories
That's all that was left behind

You pulled me in
In like the tide

Countless miles lie ahead 'till I can finally rest
With this barrel against his head I'll have my revenge
He'll soon beg on his knees
Darlin' you've become so hollow, intangible
And your transparencies they come me
Every night I lay my head down to sleep
Track Name: Sleep
Can't decipher night from day
Life from fiction
Delirious I make my way
Through the waste
In search of that bastard
That took her away

Sleep my love, sleep
Come hide away with me

Whiskey's wearing a hole
Through my stomach
Can't take much more
This pain, agony
Is taking it's toll

Like water appears on the horizon
To the thirsty

You come to me...
Track Name: Drift
Pulled into a fever dream
This path I walk leads me to the sea
Words are whispered upon this salty air
Open my mouth to answer
But there's no one there

I'd jump from these cliffs
But you'd just let me drift

The end is where I found you
Way out on the edge
Beckoned to follow after, I gave in
Barely keeping hold to your soft grasp
Your dress stained red brings the horrors back

I jumped from those cliffs
And you just let me drift

My ears are ringing now with the sound
The sound of our wedding bells
They're playing loud
Death come and drown them out
And leave me cold
Death come and drown them out
And leave me alone
Track Name: Riverside
Leave 'em lying by the riverside
With no sign of life
Grab your loved ones, you can get inside
But there aint no place to hide

Left her bleeding in his arms
Didn't mean them no harm
Just let my bullet take its course
Sorry I cut the day so short

I leave homes broken
No cell can hold me
Flowers wilt as I walk by
Leave my mark on each city I leave behind

Behind me a fog rolls in
And I'm back hungry for the kill again
Those thought lost are washing up
Upon the banks...
Track Name: Your Soul
Sit here boy, and here what I got to say
The man you seek is already on his way

He's the one that poisoned our well
Came in the night like some demon from hell

"Mister don't you hear? All the babies are cryin'..."
Son, that sound in your ears is our souls dyin'

He's the one that poisoned our well
Came in the night like some demon from hell

"Mister don't you see? All these people are dyin'…"
Son, that ringing in your ears is your soul dyin'

Your soul is dyin'
Track Name: Welcoming Death
Left this town in ruins
No roof over our heads
Food's scarce around here
And there's blood lapping the riverbed

Welcoming death

I feel as empty as the words
In your black book
But you all clutch it
Like it's all we got left

Well, I'd set it afire just to prove
That it aint helpin'

No it aint helping
We're just welcoming death

Let him in
Track Name: The End
They rest above the earth
Nothin' left but carrion
The sky is filled with scavengers
But so is the earth below
Not a word, not a sound
We all pass with our heads down
We're out to seek redemption
Maybe someday that time will come

Here's my elegy
A song to ease them to death
And for all that he's done
I swear I'll bring the end

Find myself tippin'
The poison down my throat
And each shot is just diggin' my grave deeper
As if six feet aint deep enough
The hunt is drivin' me mad
But soon there'll be nowhere left to run
'Cause I got his name carved into my shells
Each and every one

If my last breath is cast before it
Let 'em know that I tried
Track Name: To The Ground
This road, it lacks a soul
Except an apparition, her ghost
Been on his trail long, feels like I'm close
Worn down and beaten', but I keep pushin on

When will this all end?
I'm ready for it
I'll deliver you back home
To the ground

A town lies in the valley below
Rode in through the graveyard
Sun glaring off the tombstones
He sat at the bar, brim tipped low
Wasn't much a man, cast no shadow
I shot till my chamber was bare
But when the powder lifted...
No one was there